Vino Ventures was launched in 2013 by Amy Neyer and Kathy Merchant to provide a creative home for sharing stories of a passion for wine, educational events and programs, and an educator’s perspective on notable news and trends from the local wine community and beyond. Whether you’re learning the difference between rosé and white zin, or are already well versed in the grand crus of Burgundy, join Vino Ventures to explore the rich world of wine, the diverse factors that influence every bottle, and the collective experiences that inspire a thirst to keep learning more.

Kathy Merchant is a Level 4 Diploma graduate of the London-based Wine & Spirit Education Trust, as well as a Certified Specialist of Wine (Society of Wine Educators). Kathy has written for Cincinnati’s Venue Magazine, including a feature article on Monteverdi Tuscany, and published a blog series on Burgundy for tKathy Merchanthe travel company French Wine Explorers. She attended the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers, held annually in Napa Valley, in 2012-14. An investor in Cincinnati’s successful 1215 Wine Bar in OTR, she also helped to establish the venue’s wine program and classes. Kathy provides fun and educational wine events for companies, professional associations, alumni associations and private clients, and has served as faculty for the American Wine School. She is a Professionnel du Vin member of the Cincinnati chapter of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and the Société Mondiale du Vin. Kathy is president/CEO emerita (2015) of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation and a Senior Fellow with StriveTogether, a national network of cradle-to-career communities.